New training dates listed....

Training events in the next couple of months:
14th and 15th June - Lantra ATV course
15th June - Lantra - Rodent control on farms
25th and 26th June - Lantra ATV course
29th June - Safe use of sheep dips
2nd and 3rd July Lantra - Lift truck - rough terrain
10th July - PA1 Safe use of pesticides- Brecon
12th July - PA6 Hand held applicators - Brecon
13th July - PA2 Boom sprayer - Brecon
16th July - Strimmer/ brushcutter IA
19th and 20th July - Lantra Tractor driving
6th and 7th August - Lantra - Tractor and arm mounted cutting equipment
9th August - Lantra working safely in agriculture and horticulture
14th August - FAA Emergency First Aid at Work
17th August - Lantra Manual Handling.

Get in touch for more details or for any enquiries about another sort of training you may require. 01597 850 080 or

Trying out new courses

In the next few months we will be trying out a few new courses!

Lantra Invasive and injurious species

Lantra Environmental Maintenance and litter picking

Lantra Highways England Common Induction Scheme

Lantra Safe cattle handling for increased profitability

Lantra Health and Safety

Lantra Preparing for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

Let us know if you have any questions on any of the above - 01597 850 080 or

Labour shortages

We are very lucky, we have a fab team of guys working with us. But it hasn't always been easy to find help. We do not seem to be alone in this matter. People often ask if we have had training clients looking for work on farms, work at riding stables, work in offices, work helping with farm paperwork, work caring. As land based enterprises, we seem to be short of labour everywhere!

Whether you require someone one day a week, for seasonal jobs or on a permanent basis, help seems to be very hard to find. 

So what can we do?

A few of us have gotten together and formed an Agrisgop group to look at some solutions.

If you have a suggestion, are looking for help your self or are looking for work or an additional form of income and would like to join our group, please get in touch. All suggestions are welcome!

If we talk, maybe we can all help each other out somehow.


PestSmart is DWR CYMRU'S latest WaterSource campaign. Pesticide is a collective term for substances used to control weeds, pests and diseases. These are also known as Plant Protection Products.

Routine monitoring of river and reservoirs supplying drinking water has shown an increase in detections of pesticides within the last few years. Whilst levels are too low to pose a risk to those drinking the water they are sufficient to breach rigorous EU Drinking Water Standards. These standards require levels of all pesticides to remain below one tenth of part per billion, the equivalent of one blade of grass in 100,000 hay bales.

They're working together with all users groups, including farmers to encourage “smarter” techniques to reduce impact of pesticides.

Coming soon for farmers, growers, foresters and land managers in targeted areas


  • Free pesticide disposal scheme
  • Free Weed Wiper hire
  • FREE guidance booklet onweed, pest and disease control

If you would like us to keep you informed of our PestSmart campaign and its free initiatives, send your details to

Up and coming training courses/ assessments

Have a browse through our latest course list - if you don't see what you need give us a call and we will see if we can help you out...

Lantra Chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting

6th and 7th October



Lantra Cattle foot trimming course

10th and 13th October



Safe use of pesticides PA1 and Boom sprayer PA2 training

17th and 18th October



City and Guilds Safe use of sheep dips

18th October



Lantra ITA- ATV (sit astride)

16th and 23rd October



Lantra ITA- ATV (Sit in/ Mules)

25th and 26th October



Lantra Chainsaw maintenance, cross cutting and felling trees up to

 380 mm

24th- 28th October



Safe use of pesticides PA1 and Boom sprayer PA2 training

End October



Safe use of pesticides PA1 and Hand held applicators PA6

End of October



Lantra ITA- Tractor driving




Farm Safety and livestock behaviour

1st November



Lantra Safe use of Aluminium Phosphide for vertebrate pest control

2nd and 3rd November



City and Guilds ATV

7th November

Builth Wells


Lantra ITA Telescopic Handler

10th November



Lantra ITA ATV

17th November



City and Guilds NPTC Wood chipper training and / or assessment

5th November



City and Guilds NPTC Brush cutter and strimmer training

and / or assessment

6th November



Lantra – Welfare of animals in transit (short journeys)

November – Evening session



Lantra Mole trapping   1 day

End of November



Lantra Responsible and effective control of Rodents 1 day

End of November



Pesticides December PA1, PA6, PA2

Llandrindod and Aberystwyth

Exciting times

Exciting news, Rachel our General Manager/ instructor is now a fully fledged Lantra instructor in Pesticides and Safe use of Aluminium Phosphide.

We have a network of fantastic Instructors and assessors. The one thing we ensure is that they are actively working in subjects in which they Instruct or Assess. They really know their stuff and are interested in the same subjects as you. Running the family farm and contracting ensure that we have to keep up to date with the latest kit and knowledge. It also means that our favorite topic is the weather!

We are looking to broaden our courses range (not just courses that you require under legislation), what courses are you looking for? What  would be beneficial to your business? What would interest you? Let us know and we will see what we can do.

Anything is possible!