Here are some of the forestry services that we can offer. We currently work for Natural Resources Wales on their Chainsaw and Arboriculture Framework, Powys County Council, National Trust plus many more clients.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Tree felling
  • Diseased tree removal
  • Clearance works
  • Invasive species control
  • Arboriculture works
  • Fencing
  • Tree Survey and reports

We have worked onmanycontracts in South Wales felling Larch infected with Phytophthora Ramorum, where prevention of cross contamination was paramount. To win these contracts, amongst other documents we had to submit thorough pollution prevention plans for the sites, which was a fantastic eye opener to all of us and has helped us compile our aspects and impact register for our company Environmental Management System.

Our Forestry work is usually in remote areas, we have to have robust procedures in place, for example, no less than three people in a team in case of emergency and no mobile signal - part of our emergency plan. Due to the high species diversity residing in these areas, all staff have to be trained in recognising European protected species and their habitats, such as Dormouse, Great crested newts and Bat roosts. No works will take place, where these are identified.  Our impacts on the Forest/ woodland environment must be reduced as much as possible and this is very important to us, not only in our company documents but in how we go about our works.