Peat bog restoration project

For the past month we have been working for Natural Resources Wales at Cwmparc, Rhondda carrying out Peat bog restoration. This was a first for us and we have enjoyed the challenge. The scope of the works wasto cut down a stand of trees in the centre of the site and cut down any self set or regenerating trees. These were then placed in ditches throughout the site. Pegs were inserted into the ditches at certain points to dam up the water, waterlogging the site.  The contract had proved to be a challenge, its hasn't been the sunniest of months, with a bit of snow throw into the mix, but the results area already evident, with water backing up quickly. You can see below some before and after shots.

If you managed to catch last nights episode of country file, they talked about the uplands being the key for holding water back, hopefully we will see many more contracts of this sort in the future.