PestSmart is DWR CYMRU'S latest WaterSource campaign. Pesticide is a collective term for substances used to control weeds, pests and diseases. These are also known as Plant Protection Products.

Routine monitoring of river and reservoirs supplying drinking water has shown an increase in detections of pesticides within the last few years. Whilst levels are too low to pose a risk to those drinking the water they are sufficient to breach rigorous EU Drinking Water Standards. These standards require levels of all pesticides to remain below one tenth of part per billion, the equivalent of one blade of grass in 100,000 hay bales.

They're working together with all users groups, including farmers to encourage “smarter” techniques to reduce impact of pesticides.

Coming soon for farmers, growers, foresters and land managers in targeted areas


  • Free pesticide disposal scheme
  • Free Weed Wiper hire
  • FREE guidance booklet onweed, pest and disease control

If you would like us to keep you informed of our PestSmart campaign and its free initiatives, send your details to