26th November 2015 - P Day for pesticides

Well the day will finally arrive tomorrow- UK Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012 , will hit us all in a practical way, but there is need to panic, on a sensible level, will we be spraying before spring - possible not. There is plenty of time to get ready, whether that be engaging a suitable qualified contractor to undertake your spraying operations for you, getting ' the boy/ girl' to do the spraying or whether you want to. Please just make sure that you know the legislation and you pick the right option for you, there are an awful lot of misconceptions out there.  Below is what the actual legislation states...

SUD: what do I have to do?

Check first if you are using professional pesticides.

If you are using any pesticides or plant protection products such as weedkillers/

herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, slug pellets / molluscicides, plant growth regulators,

grain store or grain insecticides or soil sterilants.

You need to take three steps

1Demonstrate IPM practices are being followed from 2014

This can be done by completing an IPM plan. Links to a range of plans can be

found at www.voluntaryinitiative.org.uk. Completing a plan will help you make the

most of IPM and shows you are considering different ways of controlling weeds,

pests and diseases. The plan may also be useful evidence for farm assurance

schemes and cross compliance inspections.

2Ensure operators hold a Recognised Certificate from 26 Nov 2015

Existing certificates e.g. PA1+PA2 meet the requirements of the Directive. A new

Grandfather certificate will be available from City & Guilds from 26th Nov 2013 or you could undertake existing Lantra or other  Pesticides Application courses, which may give you more information.

Professional pesticide products must not beused after 26th Nov 2015 unless the operator who is applying that product is certificated.

3Have application equipment tested by NSTS before 26 Nov 2016

Find an approved National Sprayer Testing Scheme examiner at www.nsts.org.uk.

Subsequent testing will be required every five years from 26th Nov 2016; and

every 3 years from 26th November 2020. Granule applicators and boom sprayers

less than 3m wide need to be tested every 6 years, while handheld equipment

should be regularly checked against a checklist and a record kept.

Are there any other options?

You have other options

Use a contractor or neighbouring farmer who holds an appropriate Recognised

Certificate and has a tested sprayer. (It is your responsibility to check this). Your

BASIS Registered Crop Protection adviser may be able to help with your IPM plan.

Some information taken from the  ' Voluntary Initiative'