Western Hemlock

New contract alert... JHS will be undertaking Western Hemlock removal in the Dyfi area this winter. The schedule of work requires cutting down of this persistent species in upland areas. Here is some information about the species...

A shade tolerant species best suited to moister climates in Britain with >1000 mm rainfall. It has rapid growth and high volume production on suitable sites and regenerates freely in a wide range of upland forests. It is cold hardy throughout Britain, but is very sensitive to late frosts, does not tolerate exposure and is drought sensitive. As a consequence trees are often of poor form (e.g. multi-stemmed). These factors mean that it should not be used for afforestation of open ground, but it can be planted under light shade. Although it suffers from heather competition, it will grow on soils of very poor to medium nutrient status and of slightly dry to moist soil moisture. Not suited to peats or very dry soils. Best growth will be found on acid brown earths on lower valley sides in upland forests.

Cant wait to get started!